I have been reading What did you expect: The realities of Marriage by Paul David Tripp, […]
I am a huge DIY fan and like most of the world in this COVID-19 stay […]
One thing that is constant in our house is music. We always playing music so it’s […]
There are often times in life when we are so dumbfounded by what is happening in […]
Whenever I am looking for encouragement and guidance I turn to the Bible. However, scripture is […]
Dear Zane Mali, As you fall asleep in your bed, holding tight Nici, your favorite teddy […]
Life is puzzling, isn’t it? We are all trying to put together these different pieces in […]
Life was going well, a few months ago, we had workplaces to go, the kids were […]
Our neighbor has a lovely daughter who is 5 years old and who has decided Mali […]
Way before I met Joe a.k.a my single days,  I had some dangerous prospects (meaning there were […]