One thing that is constant in our house is music. We always playing music so it’s not a surprise that Mali our son absolutely loves music and dancing and he is a very good dancer, he always moves to the beat. He can be in the middle of something but as soon as his jam (presently Yule Yule Alice Kimanzi ft Quest) comes on, he puts on his dancing shoes.
We introduced music to him at an early age, before he came into this world, we sang to him when he was days old and play for him kiddie gospel music. These songs sounded simple but the more I listened to them the more I realize that they are pretty deep. Earlier on we discovered this youtube channel called Wesley Wuppets, they are puppets who sing psalty songs for Christ. We absolutely love their songs, they are based on scripture and so much fun to sing along to. Here are some of my favorites from Mali’s playlist and why;

The Butterfly song:

This song starts out with a kid saying there is nothing special about them and he is encouraged to remember he is special because he knows Jesus and has Jesus living in his heart. He says he is God’s special child. This song is a reminder of how special God’s creation is, all the creatures are special, and we thank God for making us special because we God gave us Jesus, a heart, a smile, and made us his children. Isn’t that such a wonderful reminder of how God sees us as special just by being his children and having Jesus in our hearts.

The Barn Song

This is a funny song, about how Jesus did not come in glory but was born in a barn, and because of that, the power of sin is broken and the door to heaven is open. It’s a reminder of the humble beginning of Christ, how the angels sang about it but more importantly what it means to all of us; to set us free. It’s a great alternative to Christmas carols as it keeps Christ as the reason for the season.

The fruit of the Spirit

The first time I heard this song I had such a good laugh, it goes something like this…

The fruit of the Spirit is not a watermelon, if you wanna be a watermelon you might as well hear it because the fruits of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

It’s a silly way to remember the fruits of the Spirit, but also how exclusive the fruits of the Spirit are, they cant be anything we want them to be they are what they are.

Victory Chant

This is literally just that, it looks at Jesus as the captain of our lives and it’s a chant of his leadership in our lives and how we should respond;
Jesus is our King: We will praise him, he is perfect in all his ways
Jesus is Lord: We will obey his word, we want to see his kingdom come, not our will but his be done
He is our lamb: We will conquer in Jesus name and proclaim that Jesus reigns.
Lion of Judah: All-powerful and wonderful

Bullfrogs and Butterflies

A song about being born again, the illustration of bullfrogs and butterflies is so powerful; the bullfrog was once a little tadpole who couldn’t croak and jump around, but one day he started growing and turned into a bullfrog, and out he comes croaking and singing. A caterpillar on a blade of grass spins her cocoon, and one day she saw the sky and flew out as a butterfly.
It illustrates how Salvation changes us from the inside out and we cannot remain the same, literally simplifies the concept of being born again.

What are some of  kiddie gospel songs that have spoken to you?




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