Whenever I am looking for encouragement and guidance I turn to the Bible. However, scripture is not one of the places most mothers turn to when it comes to help with mothering. It turns out the mothers in the Bible have a lot to teach us.

Staying True to our promises (1 Samuel 1 & 2)

Hannah prayed for a child with such a fervor that she was accused of being drunk! Her promise to God was that she would give her child to Him. God heard her prayers, and she bore Samuel. From Hannah, we learn the importance of keeping promises and not losing faith when circumstances are beyond our control.

Ingenuity (Exodus 2)

Ingenuity is defined as skill or cleverness in devising or combining: inventiveness. Moses was born during a time of great oppression of the Israelites. All baby boys were commanded to be killed. But Moses’ mother placed him in a basket by the river bank. From Jochebed, we learn ingenuity in doing what is best for our children. 

Being ruled by emotions is dangerous (Job 2:9)

We all know Job’s wife had endured much heartbreak. She lost her home, her children, and the health of her husband. But instead of remaining faithful, she suggested to Job that he should curse God and die. From Job’s wife, we learn the danger of allowing emotions to override our senses and our speech.

Training up our children produces good fruit (2 Timothy 1:5)

The grandmother and mother of Timothy had a powerful influence on his life. From Lois and Eunice, we learn the importance of training up a child in the knowledge and ways of the Lord. Timothy’s sincere faith was imparted to him by his mother and grandmother.

Be on guard (Genesis 2 & 3)

We know the story of Adam and Eve, and how sin and death came into the world. Eve was deceived by the serpent (1 Timothy 2:14), and as a result, her mind was led astray from simple and pure devotion to God (2 Corinthians 11:3) – she questioned His good command.

From Eve, we learn that we must be on guard constantly against the temptation to take matters into our own hands. Knowing what “God really said” is critical. If we read the Bible and learn for ourselves whenever we are tempted we can reply with a firm no. 

God’s plan is best – even when we have to wait (Genesis 11 and following)

Although God told Abraham that he and Sarah would have a child, Sarah was cynical. She took matters into her own hands, and the result was a battle between her servant and herself, with children caught in the middle.

Motherhood is bound by love – not biology (Exodus 2)

Pharaoh’s Daughter found the baby Moses and her mother’s heart was opened. Scripture says that he became her son. From Pharaoh’s daughter, we learn that motherhood is not bound by biology, but by love.

Faithfulness in all circumstances (Luke 1 & 2)

From the time she was visited by an angel to watching her Son die on a cross, Mary exemplified a completely devoted mother. From Mary, we learn to be faithful in all circumstances, even when they are incomprehensible. We also learn true sacrificial love.

It’s a great joy when we look to the Bible for encouragement, refreshment or direction in our motherhood journey. We can learn so much from the mothers in the Bible who have gone before us. 



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