Life was going well, a few months ago, we had workplaces to go, the kids were in school, our income was guaranteed and Easter holiday plans had been made.

Then the pandemic happened, and we are working from home, the kids are in the house and can’t go outside, the economy is shaky and the worst thing is we have no idea when this will end. We find ourselves in a new season and it’s the perfect time for….

Create memories with the kids; We had to cancel our Mombasa trip, (I type this with a pang of pain.) However it turns out there are so many virtual resources for kids online, did you know you can virtually visit the Sphinx of Egypt, go on a Disney ride, take a tour of the Yellowstone Park and even go to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. If you have older kids, this will be an amazing time to try these virtual activities. For younger kids, sing and dance with them. Mali has a few dance moves and it’s so enjoyable to see him having fun. I heard a wise person say, the greatest beneficiary of the COVID-19 pandemic are children. Enjoy this season while it lasts and treat it as a gift

If you are married, spend time with your spouse; While divorce cases have gone up with the pandemic do not let this spread fear in your nest. If you are both working from home, it’s easy to assume being in the same house means you are spending time. Schedule some time after the kids are asleep just for the two of you. Watch a movie, play a board game. This time is a treasure.

Show some care and concern or your family and friends; We have all been invited to a party before the pandemic and declined the invite based on its too much work. Now we are all craving for a little socializing. Send a daily text to check in on friends. While posting on social media is okay, a more direct and caring approach is great.

Read; Locked at home doesn’t mean that all the things have to be about ‘screens’. Start a new habit and take some time out for reading. If you find books boring then you have audiobooks to keep it all lively and interesting. Check out Scribd or Eboox on android.

Listen to Podcasts; If you enjoy talk shows and are into learning from the people who have achieved a lot in life or happen to be successful in whatever fields they have been working in, then podcasts is something that you should try listening to.

Binge watch your fave series; This is the perfect time to stream the series you’ve longed to watch. Open your watchlist and start binging.

Create art; If art is something that inspires you and fits your interests then there are so many things that you can learn at this time. Learn DIY crafts, take a sketching class, or learn a new form of painting with online classes and videos.

Get some rest; Before the pandemic, most of us were tired and fatigued and longing for some rest. Well, we now have the perfect opportunity to enjoy some rest and rejuvenation.

Lastly, learn how to make a DIY hand sanitizer.


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