Marriage is a journey. And all things keep constant it is rather an adventure; you don’t need to figure out the entire trip just keep moving. As on a journey, We need to know where to go, how far to go, and who to engage with and

But in a healthy happy and Godly marriage these roadblocks should be recognized and addressed immediately. As you enjoy the journey, these 5 mistakes should be at the very top of “we have to be deal with this”. These mistakes if left unaddressed they will turn an adventure into a miserable journey.

Mistake #1: No boundaries

We need to have boundaries in our marriages. This comes from a healthy sense of who you are and who your spouse is. Boundaries in marriage guard against:

  • Having unrealistic expectation of each other: This happens when we try to mold our spouses into our vision of who who want them to be.Demonstrate healthy boundaries by being respectful of who your spouse is and of what he or she thinks.
  • Unhealthy Interactions: Boundaries foster interactions that are considerate and free from overstepping, promoting a culture of mutual respect. This is especially important with extended families and friends. If you struggle with your this, start by learning to be comfortable in your skin, then tell people you are, tell them what you think and learn to say no when others violate your boundaries.
  • If you have trouble asserting your own boundaries, work to learn to become comfortable in your own skin. Tell people who you are. Tell people what you think. Learn to say no when others violate your boundaries or want you to act or behave in ways that don’t reflect who you are.



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