Everywhere you turn to, every conversation, every television station, every newspaper headline, the story is the same – Corona Virus. It seems like we’re experiencing “Contagion” the movie in real life. I must confess, I have never felt the uncertainty of life like I have in these recent weeks. At first it was just one of those ordinary bad news that we come across on TV. As the epidemic turned into a pandemic and got closer home, I realized that this was not just any bad news, it is the scariest thing I have experienced in my lifetime. The thought about losing friends and family has never been so real in this lifetime.

Yet here we are caught up in this moment in time that we really cannot wish away. We are left hoping and praying s trusting that this dark cloud will finally pass. Life is not the same, not as we know it. Even as we attempt to self-preserve behind closed doors, the uncertainty of the future dangles precariously above our heads.

But life was never certain to begin with. Covid or no Covid, tomorrow was never guaranteed. So why stop and worry about something that is beyond your control while you can be cherishing the moments it brings? In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.  I chose to focus on the silver lining, the positives in the midst of this giant called COVID 19

Self-quarantine is really working for me because I get to spend quality time with my wife and son. We have decided to stay optimistic and busy by carrying out little DIY projects in the house that are so enjoyable to do. I cannot remember the last time I helped my wife plant flowers or rearrange the house. Those evening walks have never been so meaningful. We even decided to make a bed for our son from scratch, something I never thought I could do. It has been so much fun working side by side and just spending time together. I didn’t think it would be this gratifying. I often thought that I would be all doom and gloom and me bored to death just waiting for this thing to pass.

The world is on a go slow and everything that seemed so important is no longer that urgent. This pandemic gives us an excellent opportunity to spend time on the things that matter most us. Maybe you’re just like me where spending time with the ones you love means everything. Maybe it’s that time for Netflix and chill as you get energized for the next phase of life. Maybe this season has found you at the most confusing point of your life, when you are so used to the routine of life that you disconnected with the important things in your life and it’s simply awkward to navigate these waters. Guess what, it is never too late to reconnect.

Maybe it’s about time you tuned out from all the sad news of this world and focus on how to can make this season in your life full of good memories. Take this time to grow closer to God, Start a couples home workout regime, try home date night ideas, go for walks or finish up that long overdue project. Just try something new that will inject some optimism and life into you.



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