As in literally here we go again, you all remember thisisusjoeandnyamu, well its now coupleonajourney. If you don’t remember that’s OK too, because we went silent on all of you and its not without reason.
We have been through a series of life taking a big giant crap on us. We have had our dreams shattered, battled with depression and lost a parent. Its been a season of tears, wanting to give up altogether and just die. On most days we just want to nap and wake in 37 years, atleast Nyamu does. But life has to continue. And so we gather ourselves from the floor, and swear on our breaths, that we will continue to give our two cents on marriage and life. And who better to do it than a couple who have been through so much even our friends faces look like the surprised emoji.
Grab a seat, call the neighbor for comments, because we are about to unleash realness, fun, awe-inspring advice( we hope so) and just have a good time regardless of being in a giant shit pile called life.




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Marriage Mediation is a conflict resolution process for couples who are experiencing destructive conflicts but are committed to remaining married.