As we continue to work on our next blogs, we thought we could share with you some awesome resources, that have enriched our marriage.

1.       Intentional Today- This website is fantastic, it mostly for wives, but husbands will benefit too. Its written by the beautiful Ngina Otiende and she is both real and awesome. You can download a free copy of her book on her website. Check her out on IG too.

2.       This 30 Day prayers for your marriage is amazing. Download it here.

3.       And we won’t forget a blog for the husbands. The Generous Husband is written by Paul Byerly and his wife Lori its counterpart, The Generous Wife. Paul tackles some really heavy subjects and handles them really well.

4., This blog is written by Sheila Gregoire who had been married for 25 years, she says happily for 20 years which I think is honestly funny. And her blog has tons of advice on sex too.

5.       Lastly our best resource is you guessed it right, the bible. If you have Youversion on your phone, check out their plans for marriages. Nyamu is currently reading the Biblical Secrets to a Happy Marriage and she absolutely loves it.

Look out for our next blog.



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