We want to welcome you to Couple on a Journey. We are Joe and Nyamu.


We’re so honored and excited that you are visiting. Couple on a Journey started out of the desire to share our marriage journey with others and inspire God centered marriage that thrive.

It is our purpose to see couple on a journey enrich marriages all around us, by helping singles, dating, courting engaged and newly married couples to build their relationships on Christ as a foundation.

Our driving force is Christ, and living out our purpose. We believe all relationships thrive when God is in the center. Once in a while we will invite other writers to come and share their stories who share our  passion to see more Godly marriages.

Here is a timeline of our journey!

We met in Church(Mavuno Church). We both were serving in the Mizizi Ministry and during one of the leaders hang out, Joe noticed Nyamu. He sat next to her which led to where we are today.

We started this blog, as a way to enrich and inspire Godly marriages, not because we are perfect, far from it, because we believe its our purpose as a couple. We love to travel and would love to share our stories with you.

Join us on adventure of faith marriage and travel.